Zoom Teeth Whitening in Charleston, SC

A Brilliant Smile In An Hour

Zoom whitening is carried out in-office at Kotary Robotic Implant Center in a one-hour session. This technology removes stains and discoloration from the teeth by exfoliating the tooth’s surface. The treatment is powered by a formulated hydrogen peroxide gel, which is used throughout three 15 minute sessions to penetrate stains and give teeth a brighter appearance.

Schedule your free consultation now. Dr. Kotary will create a custom treatment plan using our exclusive dental implant software.

Same Day Dental Whitening

The Zoom light activates the gel to bleach teeth and achieve a smile up to 7 shades lighter in an hour-long treatment. There is no waiting for weeks to get the desired results or do the work yourself with pesky trays and strips.

Zoom is a safe system to lighten the teeth when a dental professional carries out the procedure effectively. Dr. Kotary will ensure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are protected during the treatment and will make sure that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo the whitening process. You may not feel any discomfort, although some people may feel a slight sensitivity in the teeth that should disappear after treatment.

Happy Patients


“As always, Dr. Kotary and Staff live up to their high standards for the provision of professional dental health care with a caring, personal touch.”


“Tech-savvy and diligent. second to none. 15 stars! helping people achieve the best version of themselves.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Kotary. I came to Dr. Kotary after previous dentistry complications. He was completely honest with me and fixed all of the issues with care. Not only is he very skilled and helpful, but his staff is also absolutely wonderful, welcoming, and makes every appointment a breeze.”


“My experience at Dr. Kotary's office was wonderful. I normally do not enjoy the dentist, but Dr. Kotary and his staff made me at ease. The professionalism, skill, and expertise were extraordinary. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone. Will definitely return to his office in the future if I need more work done. Thank you Dr. Kotary and staff.”


“We really love referring implants to your office. It’s so easy for our office.”


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