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MAXONIQ OsseoFrame
in Charleston, SC

Improve Your Quality of Life

This surgical implant is ideal for patients that lack the means for typical implants. It is a versatile, easy to install, dependable, and accurate solution for dental prosthetic rehabilitation. The OsseoFrame is individually designed from patient CT scans which are then sent to MAXONIQ by Dr. Kotary. These personalized implants are manufactured using surgical-grade titanium and are placed on the lower and/or upper jaw bone. They provide a stable and permanent platform for the fixation of new teeth. The OsseoFrame has attachment posts that appear through the gum to attach to the teeth. These implants avoid the need for complex adjunctive procedures and help restore the function and esthetics of the patient’s teeth. With the help of Dr. Kotary, the OsseoFrame will provide pain-free function and improved quality of life.

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Are You A Candidate?

OsseoFrame may benefit you if you suffer from any of the following:
  • Three or more teeth are missing in a row with low jawbone volume.
  • Conventional implants don't work due to insufficient jawbone.
  • Your maxillary sinus floor is low.
  • You have previously undergone jaw surgery where pieces of the jawbone have been removed.
  • You suffer from loose, ill-fitting dentures.

Benefits & features include:

  • Custom made to contour the patient's bone.
  • Restored oral function and facial aesthetics.
  • One single procedure.
  • Immediate restoration option for temporary teeth at the time of the surgery.

What To Expect During Surgery?

While in surgery, you can choose whether or not to use anesthesia, and the procedure lasts around one hour. Dr. Kotary will make an incision along the gum line and attach the Osseoframe to the bone with screws. Temporary teeth can be connected to the frame at the time of the surgery.

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“My experience at Dr. Kotary's office was wonderful. I normally do not enjoy the dentist, but Dr. Kotary and his staff made me at ease. The professionalism, skill, and expertise were extraordinary. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone. Will definitely return to his office in the future if I need more work done. Thank you Dr. Kotary and staff.”


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