The Only Robot-Assisted
Dental Implant Technology
in South Carolina

Advanced Treatment

Kotary Robotic Dental Implants are a superior alternative to free-hand and plastic surgical guides. This exclusive technology creates a new, significantly improved industry standard for accurate, comfortable implants. Dr. Kotary has extensive experience with robot-assisted implant surgery. He is the only dentist in South Carolina offering this advanced treatment.

Schedule your free consultation now. Dr. Kotary will create a custom treatment plan using our exclusive dental implant software.

Top Benefits of Kotary Dental Robotic Implants


Combines your surgeon’s skill with the precision of robotic surgery.


Dr. Kotary is the leading robotic dental implant surgeon nationally with proven years of experience.


Aids in planning and placing the implants precisely for a more natural look and feel.


Allows your surgeon to make changes to your surgical plan quickly to ensure your implant placement is perfect the first time.


A lifetime guarantee is included for all robot-assisted implant patients.


Minimally invasive dental implant surgery means quicker recovery and no discomfort.


Same-day surgery and faster recovery.


Ability to place the implant within a millimeter of accuracy.


Painless and easy recovery.

Happy Patients


“As always, Dr. Kotary and Staff live up to their high standards for the provision of professional dental health care with a caring, personal touch.”


“Tech-savvy and diligent. second to none. 15 stars! helping people achieve the best version of themselves.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Kotary. I came to Dr. Kotary after previous dentistry complications. He was completely honest with me and fixed all of the issues with care. Not only is he very skilled and helpful, but his staff is also absolutely wonderful, welcoming, and makes every appointment a breeze.”


“My experience at Dr. Kotary's office was wonderful. I normally do not enjoy the dentist, but Dr. Kotary and his staff made me at ease. The professionalism, skill, and expertise were extraordinary. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone. Will definitely return to his office in the future if I need more work done. Thank you Dr. Kotary and staff.”


“We really love referring implants to your office. It’s so easy for our office.”


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